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over 8 years ago

Tips for your submissions and presentations tomorrow

Submissions are due by 2 p.m. tomorrow. If you're unsure whether your submission will qualify for prizes tomorrow, please ask Cody.

Go to to enter a submission. You must be registered first. The entry form is pretty self-explanatory, with some required elements and some optional elements.

Five tips to improve your submission:

  1. In your description, include your targeted user or audience.
  2. Mention the data and APIs you used, as well as what data your submission would generate.
  3. Describe how your submission would improve transportation and engage people in making transportation work better.
  4. Describe where you envision taking your submission in the future and identify any resources or data that would help you get there.
  5. We'd recommend you include plenty of screenshots and if possible a narrated screencast of an app demo so judges can have a clear sense of how it works.

Six tips to improve your presentation:

  1. Based on the number of projects we're aware of, you'll have 5 minutes for your presentation and a couple of minutes to answer questions.
  2. Open up your submission in the ChallengePost Submission gallery as a starting point.
  3. What target audiences or users did you have in mind? What needs or problems are you trying to solve?
  4. Walk us through a set of screenshots, a demo or a screencast. Consider a scenario, skit or acting out of a potential use-case to help us understand the benefits of your submission.
  5. What data did you use? What kind of data does it generate?
  6. How will this engage people in making transportation work better?
  7. Where do you want to take this in the future and what data or resources could help you overcome them?